Friendly, hair that always seems to hang over his eyes


The Birth of Kilik
Kilik spent most of his life with his father in the blasted lands where the River Country used to be. Back then he went by “Ren”, the name his parents gave him. Ren Takahiro. His mother named him Ren, after the water lily: a symbol of peace. Takahiro used the symbols of “Vast” and “Nobility”. His father used to love telling him stories about the feats of noble heroes that always seemed to be named “Takahiro”. Through the stories, Ren could see himself fighting the valiant battles of his heroes, and it helped him escape the farm and empty spot at their dinner table.

His mother left before he could remember and his father always seemed disheartened when he used to bring it up,… so he learned to leave it alone. He actually enjoyed working on the farm and would have been content spending the rest of his life living like his father had shown him: working hard and reaping the benefits. Until that one… terrible night.

A group of red-eyed ninja attacked the farm. Luckily, Ren’s father heard them before they had reached the door. Acting in a way Ren had never seen him move, his father unveiled a hidden weapon from an dusty chest. Using a simple request, his father asked the weapon to perform a task and somehow created a hole under the floorboards for Ren to hide in. Through the cracks in the floor Ren watched as his father engaged the uninvited guests and led the attackers away. Even from his muffled hiding spot Ren could hear the clangs of weapons and terrible explosions. As time passed, the sounds moved further away and when all sounded clear, Ren followed his father’s instructions. “Run to the Leaf Village.” So he ran.

On the way two leaf ninja stopped him and asked him what he was doing running around so late. Panicked and worried Ren described their attackers and pleaded with them to save his father. One of the ninja sent a carrier pigeon to warn the hidden village before embarking to find Ren’s father, the other escorted Ren back to the village.

Hours passed and Ren was taken to an office somewhere in the hidden leaf. As the day began to break, Ren could see the first rays of the sunrise… it emanated a deep red glow. An old saying his father used to tell him seeped into his head, “Red in the morning, shepherd’s warning…” He knew before the somber ninja arrived that his father had died. Orphaned in a strange village, Ren felt abandoned. His father should have let him fight. “He should have run with me,” he thought. He couldn’t feel the anger rising as he replayed hundreds of scenarios that they should have done. With hands clinched and tears rolling down his face, he studied his father’s face for what might be the last time.

One of the leaf ninja kneeled next to him and put his hand on Ren’s shoulder. “Hey son, I know that this isn’t easy. But your dad here, he used to be a ninja just like me. You’re going to be well taken care of here. Tell ya what, what’s your name?”
Ren could only stare at his fathers closed eyes.
“Okay, that’s alright. Why don’t you stay with me? We’ll get you settled in. Just take your time, you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to. Whenever your ready we’ll get you into school, okay?”
“Ninja Academy. I want to join the ninja academy,” Ren said unwavering. The tears still ran down his face, but his voice sounded sure. He began to think to himself, “I want to become the greatest ninja in the world. I want to get whoever the hell did this to my family.”

On the way back to his new guardian’s house he began to hear the villagers prepare for the day. With his eyes glued to the ground he heard shop owners opening their stores, he heard adults going to work, he heard children walking to school. Without realizing it, he looked up and saw dozens of parents walking their children to the entry gate and waving them off with a smile. Laughing. Talking. Wide eyed he could feel the tears coming back. Pain. He wanted his father to walk him to school. Vengeance. He wanted to kill those red-eyed ninja from last night. Wrath. And the ninja who failed to stop them. He wanted to beat the smiles off of every ignorant parent. How could they abandon their children? Disgusting.
Ren and his guardian stood there in the street, watching the families walk to school. The impact this was having on Ren wasn’t lost on the ninja beside him, so he waited patiently until Ren was ready.
“Kilik,” the boy said. His eyes had lowered back to the ground and his hair hung over his face. He didn’t know where that had come from,… but he liked the sound of it.
“What’s that, kiddo?” the ninja replied.
“Kilik. My name is Kilik.”


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